Photograph provided by Sarah Race

Since 2012, founder and chef Annabelle Choi has been in pursuit of what food is and how to best honour the many narratives that food invokes. For her, and many others, food is the foundation to all things.  It is medicine, it is well-being, it is history, culture, and ultimately, always a celebration of life.


Photograph by  Kyoko Fierro

Photograph by Kyoko Fierro



To socially engage audiences on the importance of good, wholesome food through innovative, delicious, and nutritious products and events. To be a mentor and leader in my community, providing the most authentic and caring service I can, while honouring ethics and food philosophies. 

Food. Design. Experience.

Choi plates honest, simple food, [...], she has an infectious levity and a sense of humour that immediately puts those around her at ease.
— Andrew Morrison, Editor-in-Chief, Scout Magazine

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